Abrasive Blasting

Blast system equipment consists of the following components: A large capacity air compressor to furnish a clean, dry, high-volume compressed air supply. A large air pipe/hose to convey the high-volume compressed air to the equipment. A blast machine that stores an adequate supply of abrasive and mixes the high-volume compressed air and abrasive in the correct proportions. A large blast pipe/hose to convey the high-volume, abrasive air mixture from the blast machine to the work area… Read more

Sand Blasting

Depending on the hardness and impact force of the abrasive, a portion of the substrate surface may also be removed. Operator protective gear and either a breathing air compressor or breathing air pump with a breathing air filter and carbon monoxide detector or converter to provide an air supply for personal and respiratory protection and comfort during blasting operations. To the average person, abrasive blasting appears to be a simple operation with reasonably uncomplicated equipment. However, every component of abrasive blast system equipment must be specifically designed and selected to carry out its function.

Dealership Painting

When it comes to painting Car dealerships in Vancouver and British Columbia only one name comes to mind: Vancouver Industrial Painting. Whether we’re talking about Honda on Granville Island, Richmond Acura in Richmond or dozens of other dealerships in the lower mainland the experts at Vancouver Industrial Painting completed every project on time and with no down time experienced by any of the dealerships. We’re money in the bank…

Commercial Painting

Rope access in Vancouver is a very specialized skill and training covers mountaineering and industrial safety rope access. The majority of jobs are in the industrial safety field, though some people work as mountain climbing guides or instructors. Rope access jobs usually involve working in high areas and areas with difficult access, such as mine shafts or inside chimneys. The major categories for rope access jobs are on-shore man-made structures, geotechnical work, which covers natural… Read more

Epoxy Floor Painting

Because of their durability and chemical resistance, epoxy flooring is the preferred finish for commercial and industrial applications in warehouses, healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical plants and in the manufacturing industry throughout Vancouver and the Greater Vancouver Regional District. At Vancouver Industrial Painting we have the experience, equipment, and certifications to ensure that your next flooring project is a roaring success… Read more

Tank Cleaning

An essential part of most industrial painting is a thorough cleaning of all surfaces prior to the application of any coating. This ensures proper adhesion of the primer and or top coats. Sometimes a cleaning or scrubbing is all that is required to call the job ‘done’. Our expert cleaning staff will get your tanks looking as new as they can possibly look without the need for painting.

Tower Painting

Vancouver Industrial Painting has painted over 1000 towers on Blackcomb and Whistler mountains.

Plant Painting

Vancouver Industrial Painting has painted various industrial plants all over the GVRD.

Rig Painting

Being a sophisticated job at sea, Vancouver Industrial Painting has undertaken a couple of rig painting with unmatched marine paints.

Roof Painting

Our specialty our pride. Professionals at Vancouver Industrial Painting have painted numerous rooftops over the last decade.

Shop Painting

Whether it be a market or your personal shop, we at Vancouver Industrial Painting take your shop paint to the next level!

Showroom Painting

If you’re the owner of a large space used to show or display products in the Vancouver area you want your showroom to be painted in an immaculate way. Painting the walls, ceiling, trim and floor is a must if you want your appliances, furniture, clothing or automobiles to be presented in the most favourable light possible. This is your opportunity to give an Oscar winning performance with both the products you’re pitching and the venue itself. This is where the painters come in. Vancouver Industrial… Read more

Silo Painting

We at Vancouver Industrial Painting take care of range of industrial assets which includes Silos and Tanks. Being a delicate job, the silos are taken extra care by our highly professional industrial painters.

Ski Lift Painting

Vancouver Industrial Painting has completed over one million dollars worth of painting projects on Whistler and Blackcomb mountains and was chosen as the official painters for the 2010 Winter Olympics… Read more

Tank Painting

Vancouver Industrial Painting has been spraying silos and tanks in the Vancouver area for twenty years. Methods of application can sometimes be by brush and roller (on rare occasions) but silos and tanks are typically sprayed with an electrostatic sprayer or an HVLP. (high volume low pressure). A further method of application would be an airless sprayer. All above methods have their advantages and disadvantages and Vancouver Industrial Painting reserves the right to use any of these… Read more

Warehouse Painting

Vancouver Industrial Painting has painted various Warehouse projects over the last decade.

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